La Fantastica Avventura di Adam – La Grande Fuga!

Last week I was attacked by a wild dog and I handled by a hair! Fortunately, wriggling furiously, I managed to break free and escape from his mouth and nose insalivated. But the dog had not yet given up and ran after me. I climbed on the coast, as he felt panting behind me, then I gave me the screaming running more ‘fast as I could.

IMG_3714I reached the summit of the rock, looking behind and praying regularly being finally escaped from that horrible black beast!


From up there, ‘the coastal seemed so free at last’ I decided to rest for a while ‘in this great cave. I was just catching my breath when I heard footsteps approaching ….


I put my hand to his ear to hear better. The wind howled ominously and drowned out any noise that could come from imminent dangers. I was still scared but then I began to sigh of relief in moments of silence, when the wind calmed down and I felt more and more ‘reassured and convinced that the threat of being attacked hidden monsters had diminished.


After some hesitation I took courage and left the shelter. I knew that in order to survive during the night, I had to find a less windy place on the other side of the cliff.


I paused a moment to observe and heal my wounds I sat down on a nearby rock. Look, bruises and bumps I am?


Wandering through the woods inceppai by chance in a wishing tree. Honestly, I had not been very lucky lately so ‘I thought it was a good idea to climb up its branch and make a wish. Unfortunately I can not reveal it but ” cause otherwise it would come true but it certainly will find out sooner or later … ..


Finally I reached the other side of the cliff where the air was more ‘pleasant and calm, the sun shone more’ and I certainly expected a pleasant retreat. After spending two days so ‘frantic was a relief to collect wood for a bonfire’ and settle down for the night.

They say the ride leaves people speechless then turns them into storytellers: I’m beginning to see a truth ‘in those words …

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