La Fantastica Avventura di Adam – Un ‘migliore amico dell’uomo’ non molto amichevole…



Here I am still here! After the great fear of the last week in which I almost was going to be abducted by a human being, I am happy to tell you that I am finally back outdoors in a wilderness, free to explore without having to pretend to be dead as when I’m with people. And ‘so’ that I like!


You’re probably wondering how did I get here …. Well, actually I had to row a lot ‘but after a few hours on this boat have arrived safely, and, unfortunately, a bit’ wet.


Seeing a beautiful forest, I felt like climbing a very tall tree, after all, are a bear! My friend Grizzly, which has a large temper, once told me that the best way to climb and ‘to simply put one foot ahead of the other … So’ stool and climbed going more and more and more ‘on’.


At some point I realized I was being so ‘high that my legs began to tremble with fear. I was not so ‘as loud as my friend Grizzly and I was not even used to this type of climbing, so, remembering well that end made Humpty Dumpty (that snapped his head after falling from a wall!) I decided to go down very cautiously.


After a long walk on the beach, I decided to relax on the soft sand. While I admired the scenery I heard footsteps behind me, the noise that became more and more ‘up close and frequent, and that did not seem to careful passer. What ‘you been approaching me was definitely much more’ dangerous if not deadly … ..


Suddenly … ..Boom! A large dog snapped at me ‘with its sharp teeth and began’ to shake me from all sides. Humans present came up laughing and puntanto your finger on me. I honestly could not tell what was there to laugh … .I found myself covered in saliva of the dog but, twisting desperately, finally managed to free myself from his grip. Then another … Boom! I was exasperated!


Eventually the dog let myself ‘go and bark’ with pride. Thank god! Here is a ‘another lucky escape without serious incident … .a part of the meet up with an acrid smell of dog on him. I took a dip in the ocean to clean up and found, exhausted, a shelter for the night.


They say it ‘the journey to teach you many things about the goal to be reached … ..fino now I have learned to stay away from beaches and dogs!